We’re OneZero IT Solution.
Software developer located in Johor Bahru, Malaysia.

We are specialised in business software development, business mapping, system integration and mobile computer programming. We provide solutions and tools to help our customer efficiently collect Inventory, Production WIP data. By adopting the right tools and method will certainly improve productivity, increase accuracy and profit.

Our POS software, JasperRetail POS System is suitable for general retail stores and JasperSalon POS System is specially designed and made to satisfy the demand of beauty industries. Such as Hair Salon, Beauty Salon, Nail Salon, SPA and more.

Salon Point of Sale

POS system taylor made for beauty industries. Suitable for Salon, SPA & etc. .......

Retail Point of Sale

POS system taylor made for retail business. .......

Barcode Solution

Barcode solution for your inventory, warehouse & etc .......